About Niiice, Dave!

This is Niiice, Dave! The Continuing posts of Niiice, Dave!
I have been an on and off netizen for ……. really? Netizen is still not a word in spell check? …. since 1994, when I got my first Macintosh. Got it right when the platform started getting killed off by Windows. Macintosh dying was something I could accept, but not for Windows, the McOperating System. For Linux, yes, but not for Windows. Luckily, the company that makes it, Apple, adapted instead of died by adopting a Unix core for its platform. Score! Anyway, I’m Dave.
This blog started on July 26, 2008. It was killed for various TOS violations at Blogger on September 29, 2009. My violations were not malicious, just lazy effort at compliance. I liberally borrowed pictures without permission. From now on, legally sharable pictures only. I also was probably wrongfully knocked down also for making blogs based on material on other blogs. I hate blogs that do that. My blog was different from those. I was covering the health care debate and would cite many articles in one post rather than making someone else’s single post the entire content of my post. That is plagiarism. I did not ever plagiarize!
Except once, maybe. I ran a blog entry that was nothing but blurb snippets about the upcoming Fresno Lesbian gay Film Festival from the Film Festival’s site, then asked which one anyone wanted to go see with me. I thought it was a cool way to blog about something happening in my town. Next time, I will stick to fair use and strictly use links.
Another thing I did with my blog while at Blogger, which is owned by Google, is I clicked the “Monetize!” button and ran Google AdSense ads on my blog. I know the ads are ugly, but they were also hilariously entertaining. Whenever I blogged against the health care industry, they would run ads for their crappy, cheap, low-end high-deductible plans that deny care for almost everything. I thought Google would take kindly to me for adapting the ad program for my blog. Turns out, it got me punished. Turns out having AdSense ads on your blog invites an inspection, which leads to the termination of roughly half the blogs they inspect. I wasn’t trying to get rich. After 6 months, my AdSense ads earned 12¢, and they don’t cut you a check until you’ve earned at least $10.
Anyways, losing my blog led to restarting 3 days later here at WordPress. This is a great blogging site, so I don’t want to piss them off.

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  1. David , where are you?? call me or email or something? hope you are okay!!


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