WY2016 Storm 62

Storm 62 is a weak storm getting weaker, but it is responsible for all the high clouds and northerly winds blowing dust over CenCal today.

It brought rain and snow to Cascadia over the weekend, 160326-27, and is bringing snow to the mountains and Great Basin of California, Nevada and Utah on Monday, 160328. Plenty of north winds everywhere from the Ocean to the deserts.

The entire northern split of the jet stream over the eastern Pacific is headed for dissipation, along with everything supported by it, like Storm 62. Soon, the jet stream over the eastern Pacific will be consolidated on the eastern side as a new stormy weather pattern for California and the US West sets up to bring “real” storms. So, hello, Storm 62, and goodbye, storm 62. Storm-62.jpg

Visible light satellite shows lots of high clouds over the western US and a strong ONSHORE flow over Northern California and a strong OFFSHORE flow over Southern California. Pretty nifty!Storm-62-VIS.jpg

13 hours later, pretty much the same thing going on, except Storm 62 has come ashore in the Pacific Northwest. VIS4-1.jpg

13 hours later, the consolidated jet stream over the Pacific has moved significantly to the east. The Northern split of the jet stream is taking off to the north in the wake of building high pressure behind Storm 62, which means fair weather in the Pacific Northwest. Later on next week, the consolidated jet attempts to establish all the way to California and the northern split of the jet takes off to the north east, breaks off from the consolidated jet and dissipates. See the sequence here.After-Storm-62.jpg

160327-20:30:00 PDT… Frontal passage – Central CaliforniaStorm62-160327-2030-IR4.jpg

Monday afternoon… 160328-12:45:00 PDT… Storm 62 bringing cool, cloudy weather to CenCal, and snow to mountainsStorm62.jpg

Cool day! Mountain and Great Basin precipitation is snow. Storm62-160328-1230PDT.jpg

Jet stream analysis for Monday, 160328…  The northern split has become a cutoff meander which dissipates over the next few days, the southern split is dissipating, and the consolidated jet split point is retreats west as an inactive weather pattern establishesJetStream-160328.jpg


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