WY2016 Storm 58

Welcome Storm 58!

Storm 58 is a old, expanding and dying wave  headed to the west coast from deep in the Pacific. Within its wide circumference, new jet stream energy  is creating a storm for Sunday. So, Saturday belongs to a minor storm that basically just washes ashore. And Sunday is the REAL next storm event. Storm58willFormSomewhereOutofThisThing

It has made landfall in the Pacific Northwest, where Seattle is 8 inches ahead of its wettest year on record. For this blog,, however, landfalls in the PNW do not count. Landfall in California is the start time of a new storm, and, as usual, Crescent City is the first to register rainfall from this Pacific Northwest storm. Storm 57 is leaving California and the Pacific NW via Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.160311-2200-storm58Landfall.jpg

II. Forecasts and Events of Storm 58

1312 PST 150311… coastal north Bay Area: Flash Flood Watch through Sunday afternoon.

1355 PST 150311… Northern San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley and adjoining foothills: Flood Watch. Area highly saturated and flooding likely through Sunday afternoon.

2200 PST 150311… Official chart. Storm 58 is the new polar cyclone offshore of Oregon. Storm58-chases-Storm-57-chart.jpg

2200 PST 160311… Wind advisories. The High wind watch for western WA and OR on Sunday is interesting. HighWinds.jpg

0156 PST 160132… 60 MPH winds off Cape Mendocino. Front is 60 miles offshore — @NWSEureka

0351 PST 160312… Many lightning strikes off south Oregon coast. — @NWSEureka

0300 PST 160312… issued: wind advisory, Sacramento Valley, 160312 0800-1700: 20-30 MPH winds, gusts to 45MPH.

0409 PST 160312… Lines of heavy rain and thunderstorms coming onshore to NW Calif. coast. Next 3 hrs.  — @NWSEurekahwfcJ.jpg

1600 PST 160312 – A stationary band of light rain is running from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe, with scattered showers northward.Storm58-160312-1630PST.jpg

1700 PST 160312 – Overnight, precipitation from the previous storm, no. 57, continued in the mountains of CenCal, SoCal, Nevada and Arizona. This is the last 12 hours of precipitation over CenCal.CenCal-Mtns_160312_0545to1745.jpg

1700 PST 160312 – Overnight, precipitation from the previous storm, storm 57, continued in the mountains of CenCal, SoCal, Nevada and Arizona. This is the last 12 hours of precipitation over SoCal.SoCal-Mtns_160312_0545to1745.jpg

II. Conclusion and Storm Totals

Storm 58 was minor storm that dropped 16.44 inches of new water on the 65 sampler cities San Jose northward.

Storm 058 Sat pt. 2
Minor 013 160312
Crescent City 1.22
Eureka 0.66
Fortuna 0.86
Laytonville 0.15
Mendocino 1.06
Ukiah 0.82
Sebastopol 0.35
Calistoga 1.02
Grants Pass 1.57
Yreka 0.57
Redding 1.32
Red Bluff 1.26
Chiloquin OR 0.14
Alturas 0.12
Susanville 0.02
Reno 0
Ely NV 0
Winnemucca 0
Nevada City 0.07
Yuba City 0.36
Sacramento 0.87
West Point 0.16
Twain-Harte 0.01
Oakland 0.56
San Francisco 1.49
Boulder Creek 1.72
Monterey 0.02
Big Sur 0.01
San Jose 0.03
Hollister 0
Merced 0
Mpsa County 0
Oakhurst 0
Fresno 0
Hanford 0
Squaw Valley 0
Visalia 0
Porterville 0
Camp Nelson 0
Bakersfield 0
Lee Vining 0
Bishop 0
Mojave 0
Tehachapi 0
Frazier Park 0
Paso Robles 0
San Luis Obispo 0
Lompoc 0
Ojai 0
Santa Barbara 0
Big Bear Lake 0
Glendale 0
Yucaipa 0
Idyllwild 0
Hemet 0
Catalina 0
San Juan Cap 0
Valley Center 0
San Diego 0
Ensenada 0
Grand Canyon 0
Sedona 0
Flagstaff 0
Tucson 0
TOTALS 16.44

III. Recap of recent storm activity

160310: the  double-eyed cyclone of Thursday, Storm 56, brings an atmospheric river into Washington and Oregon, causing flooding and a very strong windstorm. Recap - storm 56 1.gif

160310: The cyclones merge and the storm advances to point the atmospheric river into Northern California, where it stalled again for 24 hours, drenching the north Bay Area.Recap - Storm 56 2.gif

160311: a  cyclone is newly born due west of Oregon in powerful jet stream winds aloft and speeds towards California. Recap - storm 57 1.gif

160311: Storm 57 slams California, thrilling everyone with high winds, powerful thunderstorm squalls and overnight snow in the mountains. Recap - Storm 57 2.gif

160312: Storm 57 blows off into the deserts with wind and snow. An huge cyclone in the Gulf of Alaska sends a wide front to the west coast.Recap - Storm 57 3.gif

160312: The front washes ashore and brings light rain with pockets of heavy afternoon showers to the saturated North Bay, Sacramento Valley and northern Sierra, stalls as it dissipates. This was today’s storm, Storm 58. Current - Storm 58.gif

160313: Early morning Sunday, a powerful new storm is born, sending heavy rains toward Seattle, Portland, and Northern California. This is Storm 59. Next Storm 59.gif


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