WY2016 Storm 52

FRIDAY, 160304

The weather pattern is changing at the outset of March 2016 in a way that seems rather dramatic. The jet stream is productive as its been all year, with a multitude of low pressure troughs along it. All arriving to the Eastern Pacific every two days, with increasing pace, at increasing strength, to points along the shoreline farther south, supported by a jet stream that is now coming ashore and forecast to extend from its mid-Pacific stronghold all the way to Texas. Could this be the biggest Southwest Pacific US weather event of the year, the one we’ve been waiting for all year? We’ll see.


Niiice, Dave!: Jet stream on 160302

Storm 52 is a minor storm for the Pacific Northwest that gave California some clouds on Wednesday, 160302 of this week. It dissipated yesterday, but as the jet stream continues to extend it itself ashore, it is part of a story in the skies over California having increasingly thicker and darker, and stormier-looking clouds, as the week progresses.

Storm 52-2.GIF

GOES-West Storm 52

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