Is Big Money In Politics a Myth?

I saw a headline on Vox just now:

“The Great Money-in-Politics Myth – Why Liberals Think Corporate Money Is the Main Thing Keeping Them from Winning.”

First of all, corporate money does not keep liberals from winning – it helps them. Big money has created the modern establishment liberal, always enamored with pricey and gimmicky solutions to everything, and weak on exercising the regulatory authority they actually have.

Not one executive from the bailed banks has gone to prison. Instead, they wrote the government’s bailout package. Gerald-G-US-Capitol-Building-1-2400px.jpg

How long have we been hearing that there aren’t enough government inspectors on the job, for whatever purpose such inspectors are needed?  It’s a problem that should go away immediately when liberals win. Regulation is the liberal thing to do. But the problem remains. There isn’t even an attempt to fix the problem.

Remember “Cash for Clunkers?” Started out as good idea. Stimulate the economy by getting older, highly-polluting vehicles off the road by kicking in a government check towards a trade-in for a significantly cleaner-running vehicle. By the time that bill passed, gas guzzlers could be purchased with the government program, as long as the trade-in was less fuel efficient than the new vehicle.

Nowadays, issues come up during liberal administrations that make no sense coming from a liberal administration. Remember having to fight with the Obama Administration to keep the internet open and neutral? Why was that ever in question? Obama appointed a Verizon executive to be chair of the government’s regulatory agency, the FCC. That’s how.

Why can’t our legislators ever pass a bill that would stop the “revolving door” between government and industry? Regulators should be neutral, not insiders. But such reforms never get accomplished, because of big money.

Good government conservatives are gone too. At one time, conservatives could be persuaded to impose a needed regulation or stop rampant industry consolidation.

How far do you think Mia Love’s bill will get? Mia Love has proposed that legislation must be honestly named, for example “The Pollution Deregulation Act” would strike down pollution regulation. Such a bill could not be titled “The Clean Air Improvement Act.” Mia’s bill also prevents off-topic items from being inserted into bills. Legislators love being able to give misleading names to their legislation and they really love slipping unrelated items into their bills. Her bill is called  “The One Topic At a Time Act.” Mia is a conservative from Utah.

Both parties will do nothing to reverse the outsize influence of big money on the political process, and yet it’s common sense to do exactly that. Spending on elections is escalating every year – anyone who wants to be competitive in running for office has to be able to raise large sums of money, have a super-PAC, and that means surrendering their best judgement to deliver on special favors. Politicians have less time than ever to deliberate the laws they write anyway, and now rely on special interests to set the legislative agenda.

Big money has changed the very essence of how government functions. It does not stop liberals from winning, but makes losers out of every American.

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