WY2016 Storm 51


Look at that picture! Nothing but jet stream-supported storm troughs as far as the eye can see… California is SO CLOSE to being part of this stormy weather pattern, but for now the jet stream STILL splits just off shore, supporting high pressure over California. Otherwise, the jet stream over the Pacific is humming like the El Niño storm train that it should be. Should that split point move eastward to, say, Texas, California and the entire Pacific Southwest from California to New Mexico could get a full-blown wet weather pattern that could last weeks.

As it so turns out, that’s exactly what the weather models predict will happen. The jet stream’s eastern Pacific section is going to become as strong and engorged as its central and western North Pacific sections. And no more will storm traffic get diverted into  British Columbia, like the current system making landfall today, Storm 51.

Storm 51 of Water Year 2016 is for California a weak system, but it has California under an impressive overcast.


(I hate typing without a cursor. My cursor disappears after I’ve completed a few paragraphs of blog entry, and I just quit working on it because it feels so strange to have no cursor. So, I just lost the cursor, and this is all I’m writing.)


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