WY2016 Storm 46 – Pacific NW

TUESDAY, 160216 – 1000PST ———

Storm 46 Breaks up, atmospheric river continues to chug into the Pacific Northwest along the Jet Stream

During the early hours of Tuesday, 160216, Storm 46 drove well inland quickly. The top GOES-north capture shows it coming in over British Columbia. An atmospheric river of subtropical marine air flows over WA and OR, and a gale of marine polar air flows in over British Columbia.

GOES North, Tuesday, 160216 – about 0300PST

By 1000 PST, storm 46 has lost all form, has dissipated. The atmospheric river continues to push onshore with the Jet, and is starting to inch south. Just to the west and just out of left side of the frame, a the jet is building a new cyclone that is moving east, towards Oregon.

Storm46-ThisMorningGOES North, Tuesday, 160216 – about 1000PST

Check this out! There’s some huge monster storm on the East Coast I know nothing about in the above GOES North satellite images, and it appears to a part of why the entire southwest and south-central US is completely dry. The basic thing to understand about high pressure is what goes up, must come down. Storms are created by an energy release pushing air up. Rising air is unstable, and it pulls air in from all around to feed into the focus of energy – and that’s a storm. That storm air goes up and hits the top of the troposphere, the part of the atmosphere we live in and contains the weather, and must go back down somewhere, creating high pressure areas, where the air is stable, storm and cloud-free. A belt of intense dryness is seen in the satellite picture below from California to the Gulfo de México. It is a classic picture of where air is unstable and stable.

As the monster east coast system moves eastward, and hence father away from California, going way away, out over the Atlantic, California can finally get its winter back. We need rain out here too, water hogs.

MONDAY, 160215 – 1700PST ———

Pacific Northwest Flooding Tonight

GOES-West Visible 1500 PST

Storm 45 cut an identical path to that which Storm 46 is traveling tonight, bringing what has been 2 nights and now a third night of Western Cascades rain in Washington (WA), eliciting a flood warning from the NWS Seattle for the various ‘mish rivers flowing towards the Puget Sound.

The first two storms of this series are just grazing the very top part of California but this “pulse” of El Niño-powered activity from off the Pacific is forecast to reach Central California. I normally don’t cover, nor at all care, about what is happening in the Pacific Northwest, but since this storm track is headed our way down here in the Pacific Southwest, I’m taking interest in it.

A storm forecast for Wednesday and Thursday has numerous watches and warnings up for winter weather in the Sierra-Cascades of Oregon and California, as well as the Coastal Ranges of Oregon and California.

Cool Shot!

Cool shot from the satellite at sunset, the sun highlighting the frontal wall on the edge of the polar cyclone approaching British Columbia, Canada! GOES-West 160215 1700PST

MONDAY, 160215 – 1900PST ———

Bad News – California Gets Only 1 Storm from This Series

Unless you invested in California property in a floodplain, drought-ravaged California could use the flooding Washington is getting. But no sooner than a storm pushes as far south as CenCal, the jet breaks up again. SoCal, once again, gets nothing. The wet season is almost over. We are quickly approaching the last chance to fill up. With no El Niño on tap for next wet season, the drought should continue.

Another High Pressure Regime begins Friday.

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