Big Money?

The reason I don’t believe Hillary when she says she’s against the TPP: she’s not! EVERYONE has to beware of political promises that get made that cannot be honored because the MONEY backing that candidate does not stand behind that promise.

Hillary LITERALLY says she can freely turn against the opinion of any money she’s received. Hello? Are you listening to that? She can turn against YOU if she can turn against her money! If she did that to MONEY, would she ever receive it? I don’t think so! But she knows she still has your vote. Mine too. And that’s not much of an endorsement!

Hillary says money she’s received doesn’t influence her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I’m so sick and tired of having my intelligence insulted.

You come back: stop questioning her – you’re going to make her lose to the other side. And then we all lose. WOW! AMERICAN POLITICS – where the inferior package is the MOST ELECTABLE.

Conservatives: you ever wonder why your GOP politicians defund Planned Parenthood and yet give your jobs to China? Yay, you kept a few poor women from gaining access to healthcare. Hooray for you. Liberals: you ever wonder why your supposed heroes promise a battle for your equal rights yet promote a trade deal with countries with legalized slavery? Is that the social justice you seek? You have to start wondering, someday.

And lastly: “Look at all the people backing Bernie Sanders. They’re all white. Over 90% white. Is that the side you’re on?” You can lecture me all you want about how Hillary has been smeared her whole career, but that is the oldest, most tired smear of all – the smear of the white liberal… even when they are RIGHT!! Why be against them, when they are right? Hillary, you are so desperate…

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