WY 2016 Storms No. 40 & 41 – 160202-160204

ENTERED 160204 1237 PST———

View the Storm 40 (Minor Storm 21) Gallery

There’s no way to link to this gallery directly because it’s disallowed. Go to https://www.flickr.com/photos/33671002@N00/galleries

View the Storm 41 (Minor Storm 22) Gallery

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ENTERED 160204 0445 PST——————————————-

Storm 41 Offering light precipitation from Crescent City to Salt Lake City


Some stations in the blog coverage area are reporting precipitation after midnight, 160104, making Storm 41 a two day event, though day two precipitation amounts will probably look no more like a storm in the area than the usual fog and dew that gets recorded at this time of year. But you never know. Next up for the southwest… a new Stable Air Regime – High Pressure.


ENTERED 160203 2200 PST——————————————-

Image: Snow Cover in the West, 2016 vs. 2015 on this date


No geographic province of the West has been outperformed by last year, which isn’t saying much because last year was one of the driest ever – drier than 2014! Tree rings for last 12 centuries in Central California were studied in 2o14, and found 2014 to be the driest year of them all*. So it’s one thing to celebrate this year’s bounty, but the deficit from the last four dry years is profound.  And as far as this year’s bounty is concerned – it’s hardly the blow-up year that was expected with the big El Niño in the sea. But more on that in a later blog.

*Read THIS! EarthSky: Tree Ring Study 2014 http://earthsky.org/earth/tree-ring-study-shows-californias-drought-worst-in-1200-years

ENTERED 160203 2100 PST——————————————-

Weak Storm 41 Begins Pass Over NorCal


160203 2100 PST STORM 41  SAMPLER
Coos Bay… 0.40, Harbor… 0.99, Cave Junction… 0.49, Crescent City…0.48, Eureka… 0.38, Ukiah… 0.17, Calistoga… 0.02, San Francisco… 0.00.
INLAND VALLEYS N-S: Eugene… 0.14, Grants Pass…0.13, Ashland… 0.02, Yreka… 0.07, Redding… 0.08, Red Bluff… 0.02, Yuba City… 0.02, Sacramento… 0.00.
INLAND TEMPERATURES: Eugene… 45, Grants Pass…41, Ashland… 38, Yreka… 36, Redding… 41, Red Bluff… 44, Yuba City… 46, Sacramento… 50.

According to the weather chart representing weather this evening, the second band of clouds (just entering the picture from the west) is not warranting its own markings. The main front leading the way onto land is sufficient enough to show to explain the current weather system, and the second wave behind it can be considered just part of the same weather system.


ENTERED 160203 0210PST——————————————-

40 Storms so far in 2016 – and look at the snow cover to start February!

NASA MODIS satellite

ENTERED 160203 0210PST ——————————————-

It’s an El Niño Year – even a gap in the jet brings a little rain.

Following Storm 39 on Sunday, the southwest coastal United States was left with a broken up Jet Stream. But two minor storms would affect California out of the bits of energy left behind. The first came through Tuesday, creating a cloudy day with light precipitation for the upper two thirds of California, and the second is due in today, Wednesday, 160203.

In the graphical analysis of the jet stream below, the jet stream is broken up off the California Coast, but with power provided by the El Niño, it is still looking solid on the western side of the Pacific, nice and low across the subtropical latitudes, as has been the case all through this particular El Niño, the jet has looked a lot less solid on the eastern side.

Unfortunately, the gap is where a stable air regime is setting up to block storms from still-drought-ravaged California. This is going to result in very balmy weather out here on Super Bowl Sunday. A huge storm on Super Bowl Sunday instead of beautiful balmy weather would be worth a lot more to the state.

So, Storm 40 is gone, and the rather paltry storm total is below, and Storm 41 is on its way in, and its totals will we available by Thursday or Friday, depending on how quickly it is moving.

San Francisco State University – California State Universities and Colleges

Storm 40 Totals


Storm 40 dropped 2.85 inches of water on the 64 sampler cities, about 0.04 of an inch per city.

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