WY2016 Storm 39 – Strong Storm for CenCal

ENTERED 160202 at 11:15 PST ————————————–

The 64 Sampler Cities Total for Storm 39 is…

Water Year 2016 Storm 39, Strong Storm 5, came directly out of the El Niño-powered jet stream and dropped 32.71 inches of fresh water on the 64 sampled cities, an average of .51 of an inch per city.


ENTERED 160201 at 06:45 PST ————————————–

Check out the Storm 39 Gallery!


ENTERED 160201 at 02:30 PST ————————————–

Storm 39: More Totals from Sunday, Jan. 31st…

Ely. Nevada, received 10.21″ of snow on 160131.
China Peak Ski Area near Huntington Lake reports 24″ new snow.
Badger Pass Ski Area in Yosemite reports 26″ new snow.
Bear Mountain in the San Bernardino Mountains of SoCal reports 8″ new snow.

Some rainfall totals …
Victorville… 0″
Mohave… 0.52
Bakersfield… 0.93
Hanford… 0.66
Atascadero… 0.70
Santa Maria… 0.80
Cuyucos… 0.46
Morro Bay…
Ventura… 0.39

The storm is still clearing out of Arizona. Complete totals will be available  Tuesday, 160202.

Storm 39 Conclusion: The parting shot…


Storm 39 was very strong but unfortunately will not be followed by another of equal or greater strength. No. 39 has mostly cleared by midnight late Sunday night, 160131. Two weak storms follow No. 39.

No 40. is expected Tuesday and No. 41 is expected Wednesday. Both are predicted to be minor storms for NorCal.

This image shows Storm 39 at its peak, around 10:00 am on Sunday, Jan. 31.



ENTERED 160131 at 1430 PST ————————————–

Around the Horn: A Look at Storm Totals So Far Today.

WOW! Look at the Barometer reading (Oakhurst, CA.) … 29.36 and still falling!

Merced … 0.47 … Lush Meadows (Mariposa County) …0.97 … Oakhurst …1.25 … Fresno …0.98 … Squaw Valley (Hwy 180) …1.69 … VISALIA …1.19PORTERVILLE …1.17 … Camp Nelson (Hwy 190) …0.80 … Lee Vining …0.32 … BISHOP …0.23 … Tehachapi …0.45 … Frazier Prk …0.59 … Oakhurst …1.25 … PASO ROBLES …1.12SAN LUIS OBISPO …1.19 … Lompoc …0.63 … Oakhurst …1.25 … OHAI …1.90SANTA BARBARA …1.75LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE …1.86 … Yucaipa …0.85 … NORTH SAN DIEGO COUNTY …0.72

Storm 39 Webcam: Watching the Surf at Manhattan Beach


Storm 39 Webcam: Skiing in the Heavy Snow at China Peak


ENTERED 160131 at 0955 PST ————————————–

Storm 39 is a classic! This is one to remember.Screen-Shot-2016-01-31-at-09.03.48-AM

Coast Range Snow!

Snow Level is at 4,000 feet on the polar marine side of the storm.



ENTERED 160131 at 0630 PST ————————————–

Good Morning, Rise and Shine!


This looks like it’s a bit more than a mere overnighter…

ENTERED 160131 at 0230 PST ————————————–

Wait a minute – it’s raining outside. What’s going on?

Good morning! I’m not sure but I think Storm 39 is here already!?  YEP. That sure is Storm 39. Storm 38 is long gone. Bye-Bye. Way down the atmospheric river it has been swept! The long frontal boundary running east-west remains, but the polar cyclone (low pressure cell) that defined storm 38 as a storm event is now in Indiana or something.

Here’s the radar of the early morning rain:


I’m going to ASSUME that this new storm this morning was always expected and is not the Southern California event that is expected later on today. For the purposes of this blog and my storm counting system. Or maybe it is. Who knows. Yesterday they were saying there would be no rain north of the Grapevine. Well, that’s an atmospheric River event for you. The rain shows up where it shows up.


ENTERED 160130 at 1900 PST ————————————–

STORM for a very thirsty SOCAL announced on NWS LA/OXNARD web site

On Sunday, 160131, and Monday, 160201, a strong storm is forecast to for Southern California for Sunday, 160131.

This is exciting news, as Southern California has fallen well short of its own precipitation  averages so far this season. The worst locations of Weather Year 2016 as of Saturday, 160130, include:

Ojai – .48″ – 9% of average for this date – 2% of average for the season
Oxnard – .66″ – 15% of average for this date – 4% of average for the season
Santa Ana – .95″ – 25% of average for this date – 7% of average for the season
Downtown LA – 1.03″ – 26% of average for this date – 7% of average for the season
Long Beach – 1.00″ – 28% of average for this date – 8% of average for the season

Other SoCal locations have fared slightly better:

Big Bear Lake – 4.05″ – 70% of average for this date – 20% of average for the season
San Diego – 2.85″ – 92% of average for this date – 28% of average for the season
North San Diego County – 5.73″ – 79% of average for this date – 21% of avg. season

Advisories, watches, warnings…

The Weather Service in Los Angeles is certain this storm will be STRONG, bringing heavy rain, mountain snow, flooding, high winds and high surf to the Southland.




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