Bernie Sanders, Single Payer, Obamacare and the 2016 Election

Van Jones on CNN the other day expressed what annoys him about Bernie Sanders as a black Democrat. “Why’s he always talking about Europe? Why can’t he talk about America?” That question of course has no answer. It’s rhetorical. It means what’s missing from Bernie Sanders is any meaningful acknowledgement of President Obama’s accomplishments of (a) first black President and (b) first healthcare reform package – signed, sealed and delivered. Obamacare-Deadline.png

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  1. If that’s true, Van Jones simply isn’t paying attention. The question being asked is “How do we fix healthcare?” Bernie’s answer is “Pick a version of what these European countries have already done.” They have been using a variety of different single-payer systems since the end of WW2 that produce better health outcomes at lower cost, and everyone gets coverage without exception.


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