What’s Not to Love About 1969 New York City?

Would love a really gritty “period piece,” an America-at-the-end-of-the-1960s movie about the Stonewall riots. I want to see the characters who were really there at this bar, the New York City that was still the hub of garment factories filled with immigrant labor, how much like the gay people we know today these queens in this bar were, and the story on why Stonewall Inn was their gathering spot. Perhaps the focus should be on a central character, perhaps the person who was involved in the situation where things first got out of control. The patrons at the bar – so many were minorities, back then just called black and brown. You’ve seen on the news how police treat them – it’s an American tradition. It surely was a factor in how the situation escalated, as was their obvious sexual minority attributes – both affecting the probable desperation of resistance of the patrons to being dragged out of their home environment, into a jail, into beatings and humiliation. However it began, the riots lasted for three days, the participants growing in number, and in the coming weeks organizing into a new generation of gay rights movement. The recent Stonewall film scored a paltry 30% from film critics. I want one that scores 90%.

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