Second Amendment Remedies Remedy

How many times have you said that you are sick and tired of getting shot in movie theaters? Sometimes you die, sometimes you bleed, sometimes you run. In many cases the film you wanted to see doesn’t even finish showing! Now you can take any amount of bullets and never miss a scene with the handy Wonco Bullet-Away CineShield! You just put it on when you get to your seat and you’ll be able to see any movie you want — all the way to the end! AK-47’s no problem. M-16’s, never a bother. Glock? Take a walk. High caliber double barrel shotgun? What fun! Put it on and it’s “Hit me me with your best show – fire away!” Available at FallMart, CrawlMart, BrawlMart, ShawlMart, ScrawlMart, DollMart and other fine stores!

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