Star Killer



When you look at a star, or even wish upon one, you are looking at the light from a star long gone, having already lived its full life billions of light years away, and light years ago. Well, that’s not really true. Some of that star still remains – the light from it. What you see twinkling has traveled from afar just to arrive at your face, and is in fact part of that star. Well, actually, by the time your vision has rendered the light from that star and you see it, that light has landed in your eye, never to be seen again. Onto your face the light comes to the end of a long, long journey, in flight for eons of light years, finally hitting you. “Golllll-eee, look at that star!” you exclaim. “Part of it just died on me!” Consider how many stars’ faint light remnants from their run at life are hitting you all at once, even in the middle of the day when you can’t see it. So much star death…

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