Who Am I? Uh… Uh… Hold on. I got my ID somewhere here.

It think it’s funny you have to have a citizenship – and it’s the basis of your identity. Identity and citizenship are abstract concepts that mean nothing unless people around you accept it as real. The further from home you get, the less people are likely to trust your identity on your word alone. You’re down to having identification on you, and that identification will have to make sense – your trail must be obvious. Plane tickets, entry stamps, etc. It’s a naked feeling traveling to any other country the first time. Everything you do affixes you to your legal identity, like attending school, paying taxes, voting, jury duty, stock ownership, credit card, bank account, military service, prison time, posting on facebook… and just when you were about to call it a day, you decide to buy a Chia Pet online and your identity gets stolen.

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