Holy Happy Days!

I feel weird every time I say “Merry Christmas” ever since the phrase got politicized. I’m old school – Merry Christmas goes with all the yummy imagery – Santa Claus, egg nog, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, caroling, laughter, presents for children, crackling fireplaces, getting dressed up for a special dinner, burping after dinner while petting the dog by the TV tuned to old time movies. Also ruined by politics is “Happy Holidays,” which is seen as the “anti-Christmas” greeting by the same people who ruined “Merry Christmas.” Poor ol’ “Happy Holidays” – such a bad rap. It is the perfect seasonal salutation for cordial settings. Anyone say “Seasons Greetings” anymore? Was it ever said, per se? That one looks perfect in hand lettering but doesn’t have much ring to it said out loud…

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