Moving from a High-Crime/High-Incarceration Society

The mid 80s to early 90s, Fresno was bloody! Remember those Sunnyside brothers who killed their parents for the inheritance? The music professor at Fresno State who massacred his family (then himself)? How about the criminology professor from the same school who spread the body parts of go-go boys from West Hollywood up and down the state? Remember the gang wars, drive-by’s, WALK-by’s, some guy driving from Caruthers to Clovis, killing whoever he wanted point blank (and whose spree wasn’t the first and thus inspired Three Strikes). Recall the guy driving a pickup who punched the gas on a kid crossing the street (happened a couple blocks from where I live – turned himself in). All these local numbnuts I guess are up for parole now.

Are they still dangerous? Have they served their time? If the answer is YES to both questions, what matters more, time served or danger to the public?

Contributing factors to the crime wave of the 1980s-1990s were reduced law enforcement due to budget cuts, gang formation, early releases, repeat offenders and easy unregulated access to assault weapons.

Local news item in my hometown of Fresno:

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