To #WAR is to be human

From the moment you’re born you’re fighting for What’s Yours while at the same time people share with you what’s theirs. Family, friends, strangers, modern wealth redistribution. They give it to you, and you didn’t have to fight for it, work for it, beg for it. Probably still had to ask or apply for it, had to communicate somehow. Or vote for it. If your condition is dire, your condition is a communication that some people will hear and give you help. At the same time your condition provides an opportunity for someone else to take a spot of a healthy person and attain for themselves the rewards of work, sex, entertainment or high regard. If you don’t survive, you are no longer a burden, but also no longer a claimer of wealth or space. You are also no longer a contributor. You’re sick or dead. What a blessing to the strong, fighting to contribute, fighting for space, fighting for pride, fighting for poon tang.
With you out, one less human to fight against, one less human to feed or look at.
The highest form of fighting is WAR. In fact, humans were born to go into battle. All out war is all out humanity. If the ground you were born on does not get blown up one day, something is amiss – a plague must have struck. It’s possible to structure society to prevent war, but everything would have to be shared for that to happen. Communist. No billionaires, no paupers, democratic rule, egalitarian communal living worldwide. Everybody educated and contributing in shared amounts. Those who can’t contribute one way, contribute another. Those who can’t contribute are treated until they can. Those who can’t be cured are cared for. Those who have more talent and ability than others use it to give, not to take. Those who try to upset the balance, be they common criminals or greedy wealth conquerors seeking a high life, are either punished, executed or allowed to persist. Those allowed to persist amass wealth but share the benefits of their power with others in exchange for talent or protection. In a peaceful, lawful situation, all is benign until they demand tax cuts and private beaches, rights to destroy land for temporary gain, start wars to secure resources they want, and soon the rest of the people have less to share among themselves. Funds dry up for education, for retirement, for healthcare, for food quality inspections. At first there are only a few losers, then there are more losers. People perish or suffer, plagues break out, wars break out.
In conclusion, you are a human, and you were meant to go to war. If you die in battle, maybe you’ll be remembered. Depends on what war you died in. Some wars are official, some not.

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