Dave’s Hikes: South Finegold Picnic Area to Pincushion Mountain, 2013 12/13

Pincushion Mountain Trail

On a happy Friday the 13th I set out to summit Pincushion Mountain near Friant, California on a day made cool and dry by a cold front that barreled down the west coast, bringing little precipitation but a lot of clean air from Canada, the Great White North!
The front knocked Eugene, OR, a few days before down to -10 degrees one night, but had mellowed out so much that by reaching central California, it was a mere 22 degrees at night. And temperatures warmed significantly after that since that was the last blast of anything that came by these parts the rest of the year.
I’m hiking in the deep of winter on the occasion of improving my fitness because on January 13th, 2014, I’m starting my job as a seasonal seafood processor in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, with Westward Seafood, Inc. I will need every footstep I take to condition me for 18 hour shifts in the isolated outpost, during which time I will be cut off from television and the internet for three months and then returned safety to California.
It’s much needed income for me.

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