New Maps

I’m building two new maps in Google Maps.

San Joaquin River Trail

The San Joaquin River Trail is part original, part existing trails. The stretch between South Finegold Cove at Millerton Lake at the end of Sky Harbour Rd to the San Joaquin River Gorge BLM Management Area at Ya-Gob-We-Tuh Campground and Trailhead on Smalley Rd. is very well labeled and well defined. The Stretch from Ya-Gob-We-Tuh to Kerkchoff Reservoir has yet to get built. The stretches that go from Kerkchoff Reservoir to Devil’s Postpile National Monument are said to be completed, but I have been unable to confirm where the heck it is. I’ve so far located only the waypoints, and not all those locations are exact.
There is a trail that gets followed from Redinger Lake to Mammoth Pool called the French Trail. Though it exists on maps, it can’t be picked out on the Google satellite images like the Millerton to Gorge section can. My goal is to pin down the exact route people who claim to be hiking this trail are using.

The Carmel-Supai Feelway

The Carmel-Supai Feelway is a travel route I laid out connecting Carmel, California to Havasu and Mooney Falls in Supai, Arizona. It is driven by vehicle from Carmel Beach to the Havasu Falls Trailhead in Arizona. A foot trail takes the traveler the rest of the way to the route’s endpoint, Havasu and Mooney Falls. The junctions and segments of the route are all defined and confirmed as really existing and findable on the ground. I’m in the process of listing the points of interest and eateries – with a special focus on local business that are well respected and loved places. Not all parts of the route are open all year. The high mountain passes are open in the summer only. The desert roads are open in winter but subject to getting snowed in and washed out in occasional years.

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  1. helen silvas

     /  January 2, 2014

    David i have been wondering what has happened to you. your cell doesnt work & i dont know your parents number or even recall where you live===call me, please!

    On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 3:33 AM, Niiice, dave!


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