The Ten Rules for Dealing with Police

Courtesy, I proudly present “The Ten Rules for Dealing with Police”
Excellent instructional video.

My notes, but watch the video!

The 10 Rules of Dealing with Police

1. Always be calm and cool
(a) do not fail the “attitude test”
(b) when on the road and flagged down, pull over immediately, turn off your car,
pocket your keys, place your hands on the wheel, turn on the overhead light if dark

2. You ALWAYS have the right to remain silent (5th Amendment)
(a) Keep your mouth shut
(b) Ask for a lawyer (6th Amendment right)
(c) The police do NOT have to read you your rights, ever

3. “I don’t consent to Searches” (4th Amendment)
(a) Speak clearly and calmly when asserting your rights
(b) Yes, Police may order you out of your vehicle

4. Don’t get tricked!
(a) Refusing a search request is not evidence of guilt
(b) Refusing a search request does not give officer right to detain you
(c) You have the right to consent to a search – you may think you’ve nothing to hide
i. Consider your stuff may be damaged if you do
ii. Consider someone else may have left something in your car
(d) Probable cause – another fuzzy thing to be hashed out in court
i. Keep a clean car –
empty baggies are evidence of drugs to cops
spray paint cans are evidence of vandalism to cops
(e) Emptying your pockets is the same as consenting to a search
(f) Only verbally refuse a search
(g) Contraband found nearby the cops will try to get you to snitch on others or yourself
(h) Don’t snitch, don’t say something’s yours, don’t argue – just say “I’m going to remain silent, I’d like to see a lawyer”
(i) You can’t talk yourself out of a police encounter without a lawyer – go silent
(j) Carrying an ID is required if driving, but otherwise you do not have to produce one
(k) You MUST tell them your name if they have reasonable suspicion
(l) To determine of you are under reasonable suspicion, ask if you are free to go
(m) If you ask and they don’t let you go, then you are being detained
(n) If you are being detained, you must give up your name
(o) If you don’t tell them your name, you will face detention or arrest
(p) Letting the cops inside your home consents to a search
i. You have the right to refuse a search – don’t let them in without a warrant
ii. If it’s a friendly visit about a new safety program, you still better not let them in – they can deceive you into gaining entry

5. Determine if you are free to go
(a) Don’t wait for the officer to dismiss you – ask if you are free to go
(b) “Officer, are you detaining me or am I free to go?”
(c) Saying that you want to leave ESTABLISHES that the encounter is NOT VOLUNTARY.
(d) Your lawyer can use the fact you wanted to go against the officer in court!

6. Don’t expose yourself!
(a) Expressing your life as a public nuisance is ignorant
(b) Reasonable suspicion

7. Don’t Run!

8. Never touch a cop

9. Report Police Miscounduct
(a) Be a good witness
i. what did the cops look like
ii. what did they say
iii. what did they do – correct order of events
iv. do not wait to take notes – get it down while memory is fresh
(b) Never let on you will file a report – they will treat you badly
i. Don’t ask for badge numbers – it pisses them off (wow!)
(c) Anyone who saw the encounter
i. discuss the encounter
ii. if you got hurt, get photographed AT YOUR WORST

10. You don’t have to let the police into your home
(a) Unless there is a serious emergency
(b) “I can’t let you in without a warrant”

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