No More Facebook Until I Get a Job

I zapped my Facebook account after some disparaging remarks by a conservative friend about my employment status. He has a house, kids, cars, a big time job. I felt I didn’t belong there for a long time, even with my small-time old job – because everyone on facebook has somewhat big time jobs.

After a panic I had about burning bridges and making people sad, I reactivated the account and found everyone there was doing great without me. Embarrassed, I zapped it again. Don’t know what I was thinking. I know what it’s like: When someone you don’t really like leaves your facebook, the experience changes. When someone you like leaves facebook, it becomes an emptier place.

If it’s worth it, I can return to facebook. But one thing always bothered me: most people don’t use it for very meaningful things. So you don’t have the quality of contact you were hoping for. And when everyone knows you haven’t been working it and applying yourself, Facebook starts working against you.

I think I’ll stick to the pact I made with myself: no Facebook until I find a new job, and if I want to return to facebook, I can. Meanwhile I’m still on Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and WordPress.

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  1. well i miss you on Facebook!!! just seeing your posts makes me feel better knowing you are okay/ and i dont have a big time job —and i definitely dont want a husband or kids!!! love you bud!!


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