Makers and Takers Revisited: the threat to shut down the government

What’s happening in Washington, DC is still largely under the radar outside the hardcore political crowd because the reasons for picking a fight with President Obama and everything he’s accomplished are so abstract. So here’s what’s up:
A group of politicians in the GOP say they represent the MAKERS/CREATORS, and that their enemies are the TAKERS, people who are unproductive, people who are not contributing in solid capital, have not created a company or product, are dependent on safety nets – have FAILED CAREERS, poor performance reviews and lower grades, are costing the MAKERS/CREATORS approximately 12.4% of their income, which would add up to trillions.
It’s an abstract concept, a political model.
According to another model, we are all builders. We built this country together – and we all deserve security from our country. Some are fortunate enough to be able to provide for themselves. Others are more at the mercy of the winds. We tried to create happiness. Most of us have not robbed people, we’ve helped people. We’ve seen people go from destitute to successful with our help. We’ve contributed to the creation of something bigger than us in whatever way we could.
There really is no one person who has not been part of the team. Some of us have wound up at the bottom. But we’ve given. There’s no receipt, no house, no fancy address, no high end car. Oftentimes, there’s no savings.
Those of us who support social welfare programs, universal healthcare, student loan debt relief, nutrition programs and the like, see our country in that way and it turns out we have proof our ideas are correct. Where income is redistributed for reasons of uplifting the living standard of the poorest, there are huge payoffs in lower crime rate, higher consumer spending, cleaner cities, safer neighborhoods, more creation and innovation, and just a more inviting country to live and play in.

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