The Excuses of Thieves

There’s such an intense working of the cars and homes going on in my town – and it’s very well done. These people are like ghosts the way they blend in. Stolen items are resold to people who don’t question where they came from to generate quick cash.
Cash is success, so to them it’s like what they do is legitimate.
They have excuses: “It’s nothing that the wealth-blessed victim couldn’t afford to replace, their insurance will pay for it, if government assistance paid more I wouldn’t have to do this, this is just survival, why are you complaining – I’m not stealing from you, being poor gives me the right, I never steal from the weak, it’s just a property crime – no lives get lost, they weren’t using it anyway, it was free for the taking, if I didn’t take it somebody else would have taken it, if you steal from a school or business – it gets replaced, it helps the economy…”

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