Death by Mass Propaganda

“Limited strikes” “international norms” “the red line has been crossed” “we can’t just watch” “if we don’t act” “if we don’t act now” “if we lose our resolve” “if we pause or blink” “take action” “we will never be trusted again” “US credibility is at stake” “a limited campaign” “when he gives up his weapons” “until he gives up his power” “until we can assure Syria will be in the right hands” “Syria is friends with Iran” “Iran denies the Holocaust” “he gassed his own people” “the security council we have, not the one we want” “the refugees want us to do it” “Israel wants us to do it” “nobody wanted to fight Hitler either” “we listened to constant calls for peace and people perished” “we know the cost of inaction” “we are responsible” “with greatness comes responsibility” “we are so great” “the greatest country in world history” “the most powerful military” “a global force for good” “one day the world will thank us”

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