War Powers

So, how’s the war debate going? Latest propaganda I heard was if the US does not attack Syria for using chemical weapons on opposition strongholds, North Korea will chemically attack South Korea as US inaction in Syria would be the “green light” it has been looking for all these years.

I would think an attack on an ally would set off a very strong US response.

A more reasonable gauge would be if North Korea started throwing its OWN people into gulags, starving them and publicly executing them, the US would do nothing if it won’t do anything about Syria. Oh wait a minute. North Korea ALREADY tortures, runs gulags, starves people, practices eugenics and publicly executes with no due process and the US does nothing.

So, there already is a precedent for not going after Assad.

Seriously though, President Obama wants to aid a legitimate uprising. He sees Assad as someone with only one response to legitimate grievances, and wants to weaken Assad’s forces enough to get him to go to the negotiating table to accommodate the people he’s denied for so long, they had to rise up against him. Grievances addressed, that would end Syria’s 2-year-old civil war.

This limited approach pisses off the hard right. The best I can guess as to why is they want something more reassuring in exchange for the trouble. What about Syria’s oil reserves? What about its arsenal? If Syria becomes more democratic, which “bad guys” might get released from Assad’s prisons? Will Syria become another Pakistan? The US needs to go in there and take the place over, else leave Assad in power. President Obama wants a less self-interest driven solution that still preserves US interests.

Al Jazeera America’s reporting explains Syria has enjoyed a long period of peace and ethnic intermingling in its capital and other major cities, with different regions belonging to non-militarized ethnic groups, like Yugoslavia before the Third Balkan War. As the war drags on, the different regions and ethnic groups are getting militarized and invested in the fight for Syria’s future, a situation similar to Yugoslavia. President Obama’s approach of forcing Assad to voluntarily give up his fight seeks to cut this process off in its tracks.

Let’s just try this, President Obama and Secretary Kerry have argued.

In a huge capitulation, President Obama stood down and has tossed the ball to Congress. He didn’t do this in Libya. He opted to start hitting Qaddafi regime to aid the uprising there, on his own command, and the result was an overthrow and a new democracy led by all the regional clans sharing power in Libya. How well is Libya is doing at that, anyway?

The tea leaves being read worldwide is of President Obama becoming an early sitting duck President.

Either that or he could be taking the biggest political risk of his career. He could be fulfilling a promise to return the powers of war President Bush claimed for the Presidency back to the people.

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