California Transgender Children Allowed to Choose Gender Assignments in School

In our society, we pry off another straightjacket we force onto our kids. Schools are the most oppressive places for those who don’t fit a gender role. If it doesn’t fulfill the mission to educate, there’s no need for enforcing gender roles in school.

It’s about time this was allowed!

We live in society that sees the normally unhappy and misfit happy as something gone terribly wrong.

Why is that faggot laughing, and able to speak in a lisp so freely, and in the middle school in front of everyone else no less? This is an abomination to God! Fitting in seen where normally not allowed to exist causes alarm.

Look at them! They’re getting away with something! Flaunting the rules! It’s WRONG. In fact, it ought not be allowed, because it causes anger.

Reminds me of junior high PE.

When co-ed PE was introduced in my junior high in the 70s, me and my non-athletically inclined friends were thrilled at being offered girl’s gym classes. We signed up en geeky masse without any guilt whatsoever for square dancing! We were so happy to escape dodgeball and football, our merry mix of effeminate boys and other types of nerds, that the teachers in the PE department were highly disturbed. So they made square dancing part of wrestling, meaning by taking square dancing we were automatically enrolled in wrestling. We cried foul.

The girls were offered special permission not to have to stay for the wrestling! But the short stint at square dancing actually made me look forward to PE!

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