At the Movies with Helen, Movie #2, “Two Guns”

Today’s edition of “At the movies with Helen” was “Two Guns” with Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg.
Today’s movie was a high production value action drama.
Two hot daddies are outlaws who are working undercover for different Federal agencies. They do battle at the US border with other undercovers and an openly Mexican cartel over Federal funding.
Loosely inspired by Fox News’ “Fast and furious” coverage, apparently. Good camerawork. Good genrework (buddy jokes, chases, shootouts and explosions). Two stars out of four.
Comes off as ultimately a minor work in the action drama genre.
Next film is my choice, subject to overrule. Helen says “nothing depressing” and “no animation.” That kills “Fruitvale” and “Planes.” Sigh.

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