Healthcare for All Is Un-American

Healthcare for all is a revolutionary idea. I watched the news about all those kids who shot up Chicago’s projects again last night. It’s more than just a theory that a kid who is shooting up the neighborhood is not well. That the negativity inflicted on the child was by people who are not well. And an American neighborhood is not well.

Health care is a human right being denied people in our country, and you can see the results of that fact unfold on the news every evening, news from the very heart of the cities we live in. Why would we insist that people suffer in sickness without treatment if it makes our cities more dangerous?

Rhetorical question. It’s because we already have a solution we believe in as Americans. It’s a bad solution, but it makes a lot of money – for people in the prison industry. In other words, the traditional American solution is more oppression, so we try to throw the entire sick neighborhood in prison. It doesn’t work, because the abuse makes the community even more sick, even more dysfunctional.

In our own families we do what we can to insure we can go out and tackle the world as healthy as clams. So why would we insist on others being uncared for? That’s the thing. We don’t insist on that really – we just believe that those who are well and who work are the ones we should care for – and it’s unfortunate that some never rise up and overcome. So actually we insist that the government stay out of such business of sharing with the incapable, and stay in the business of defending and protecting the able who built this country. The strong, if they wish, may give to charity.

During our history as the slave country founded by conquering colonists that wiped out the Indians, we’ve developed a philosophy that justifies oppression. We even redefined it as not really oppression, but freedom. “You are free when you can choose whether or not to have healthcare, and it is your duty as a free human being to strive for and attain that choice through hard work. Nobody shall give it to you, and nobody shall redistribute what you’ve earned.” It’s such a noble philosophy, isn’t it?

So we leave millions of sick people untreated and impoverished – and pocket the difference. And we do it willingly to neighbors, cultural and racial groups, and foreign lands to this day. That is why expanding healthcare is so un-American it makes some people cringe and cry out at the death of “the America we used to know.”

So cringe away, but it will be worth it to expand healthcare and have some more healthy people among us for a change. And as for what the newspeople will find to put on TV, my heart shall bleed for them.

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