Race and Evil

A comment left on a You Tube page by a troll. “Black People R Evil.”

Just a dumb comment or what most people really think? Two young guys are seated on a bench. They both play sports, get good grades and help out the family. One is black, and the other is not black. Which guy is more likely one day to:
a) walk off with an unattended valuable b) start a business c) beat his spouse d) pay back a loan e) start a drug habit f) give to charity g) finish college h) frame someone i) bully someone j) rescue someone k) work hard and get rich


Assumed bad, until proven to be good. (no immediate acceptance) = Trayvon Martin, stalked and shot on the street
Assumed good, until they do something bad. (immediate acceptance) = Jeffrey Dahmer = multiple reports, police did nothing

Post by friend on facebook: “AFRICAN AMERICANS: 12% of the Champlain-Urbana (Illinois) University Campus, 54% of the (Illinois) Prison population. WHY?”

So, I asked if you have two guys sitting on a bench of roughly similar everything except for race, which one would be the most likely do bad or good things, and I cannot emphasize enough what little role race has in predicting behavior. It’s not even funny how redonculously bad a predictor race is. I have seen very bad behavior from people of every skintone, and very great accomplishments as well. There is a REASON I am DEMANDING that the demographic makeup of prison reflect that of society, at least the makeup in the lower classes of society, which is where most prisoners come from.

And then the next question is: why are we jailing so many poor people?

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