The FISA Court

The government security apparatus folks were called to Congress today, to explain their justifications via the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act of 1978 (FISA) Court, the rubber stamp secret national security court, for collecting email, instant messages, searches, etc. — to explain how they figure they could legally do that. “No reasonable expectation of privacy exists, therefore it’s fair game, the standard per the SCOTUS in its ruling on Fifth Amendment visa a vis the FISA.” Phonecalls? “No reasonable expectation of privacy.” What about a hand delivered letter? “Ehhhh Nope.” Really? “Really.”

The secret FISA court has ruled that reasonable expectations are non existent since 1978, when it was created during the Carter Administration. Sold us down the river in the comfort of top secrecy. So much for civil rights if there’s less rights by the time you get them. Do see the irony? “As soon as we got there, the country we wanted to be part of was gone!”

TO SUMMARIZE, the reason reasonable expectation for privacy doesn’t exist is the gov’t isn’t protecting our privacy, therefore it may instead violate it because everyone else is. Circular reasoning.

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