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In stand your ground states, in self-defense cases, the white person defendant has a 350% greater chance of winning than a black person defendant. In Non-stand your ground states, a white person defendant has a 250% greater chance of winning than a black person defendant. – PBS Frontline

In this link: Next door neighbor confronts the son of his neighbors over a recent burglary, and of course, it’s a likely story he would say he was not responsible. Well, who knows if making a false confession would have stopped the execution caught on security camera. Goes to trial this month.

Trial for the killer of 13yr Old Darius Simmons is underway!

John Spooner is charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting of Darius Simmons in May 2012 outside their homes on the south side. Spooner, who is white, suspected Simmons, who was black, of stealing guns from his home a couple of days earlier. Simmons was shot while he was taking out the trash, with his mother watching just a few feet away. Spooner faces life in prison if convicted, unless he is found not mentally responsible for the crime, in which case he would be committed indefinitely for mental health treatment.
Hours before the shooting, Spooner had expressed frustration with the police response to his burglary complaint to Ald. Bob Donovan. Some of his comments in the conversation — as recalled by Donovan — seemed to hint at vigilantism. That, in turn, elicited comparisons to the Zimmerman case in Florida. Martin, 17, was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer Zimmerman, who pleaded self-defense and was acquitted by a jury Saturday.
Some other potential jurors also referred to the case during questioning Monday, and Circuit Judge Jeffrey Wagner told them not to think about it.
“You jurors are only to act as jurors in this case,” he said.
We want Justice 4 Darius Simmons! Continue to become aware of the many families in your city that Need Justice!!

1 like= 1 prayer for the Simmons family Today while they are in Court dealing with this tragic situation.

Oh, please, the man’s trusted gardener or grandson took the gun he shot some 13 year old kid for. Ever seen the movie “Crash” where the way one person gets treated causes a chain of events based on human behavior, both fortunate and unfortunate? There are over 300 unjustified extrajudicial killings of black men and boys every year by police, security guards, vigilantes and random people.

The outstanding citizen George Zimmerman versus the thug, Trayvon Martin, dichotomy gets aggressively widened. It’s a cautionary tale to every Mr. and Mrs. Martin.

The Daily Show: “Acquitted Development” or “Wait: What? How could you possibly… You’ve got to be kid… There is no way… I can’t… Oh My God.”

What in the hell is this? What’s wrong with Jay-Z?

shared Jay _________’s status.
July 15

“BWAAA! Your [sic] denying my freedom of speech!”

What is it about conservatives, “libertarians”, ‘baggers and the various other revanchist creatures of the right who keep their pages on lockdown but demand that I let every word they scrawl on my wall remain unmolested, undeleted and unrebutted?

This topic just keeps getting deeper and more interesting. In 2012, prompted by the Trayvon Martin killing, a group of investigators discovered 312 other such killings in the same year by security guards, police, vigilantes and citizens. Little if any punishment was ever handed down, the grieving families just leaving flowers on a sidewalk where it happened. This report is focused on killings of this nature of black people. The term for such killings is “extrajudicial” – basically it means killed by police, security guards, vigilantes or people.

How to eliminate all manifestations of racism? First realize people are people and become the greatest leader ever and tell everyone racism is wrong.

A map of today’s protests/events! #Justice4Trayvon


2007 — He probably saved his son’s life. His son is alive. He is a hero. He did what dads do and is not a stalker, an hasty judgement maker, a threat to society.

Another recent attack on a unarmed young black man. A fictional recreation of Oscar Grant’s last night on earth.

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