The Promises We Like Just Can’t Become True

Wow I almost totally forgot – remember about 3 weeks ago Harry Reid again said he was going to change the rules of the Senate by July, where henceforth the Senate will be governed by majority rule only and be able to confirm every appointment Obama makes? Well, he can’t. The Senate Majority Leader can only propose new rules on the 1st day of a two year session. As a consequence he’s never mentioned it again. I don’t know why he said he could do it. Because he can’t, and when he could, he didn’t. Basically this time, he double can’t deliver. Does he think we’re stupid enough to blame the Republicans for that?

Wow I almost totally forgot – remember Obama said he was going to get the minimum wage raised to this arbitrary level halfway between where it is stuck now and the same level as 1960 adjusted for inflation, and make the new level permanently indexed so it automatically moves with inflation, except probably using a modified index such as chained CPI, something he wants applied to the indexes that already exist for Medicare and Social Security, effectively cutting the two programs’ benefits, so the actual rate of minimum pay can’t keep up with the rate of inflation, so it falls behind anyway, just not as fast? Well, he can’t. He has no majority in the house and the majority in the Senate is blocked by cloture. As a consequence he’s never mentioned it again.

We have one party that makes promises we like but won’t or can’t carry them out given the chance, including the promise to stop the promises we hate that the other party made, and another party that makes promises we hate and carries them out without fail given the chance, so we have to go with the party that makes the promises we like and pray any of it will in part become true as well as pray the other party’s promises we hate will not become true at all, or be held back from fully becoming true.

The Partial Promise That Become A Full Promise … Obamacare. The Promise That Came True Enough to Be a Real McCoy
Obamacare has become the Obamacare we were promised, even though at the time it was to have far more cost-lowering powers, necessary to expand it to more people. It’s also vulnerable to be gutted through the back door. For example, if Medicare is cut, many people needing the most healthcare will fall back on Obamacare, and put upward pressure on health coverage costs. It’s still an achievement in healthcare legislation that in all honesty is powerful enough to constitute a major improvement to life in America. It’s 209 days until Obamacare.

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