Religious Version History

Religion 1.0 – Superstitious, Magical, Astrological, Tribal
Religion 2.0 – Mythic Gods, holy rulers and theocratic states
Religion 3.0 – Judaism, holy orders, caste systems
Religion 4.0 – Mass Evangelical Christianity
Religion 5.0 – Islam
Religion 6.0 – Agnosticism
Religion 7.0 – Holistic

1.0 – Collectively, the Pagan, the first establishment of rich culture with symbols, traditions, formal connections to the supernatural

2.0 – A significant upgrade that allowed scalability, major deities and national identity

3.0 – This major upgrade allowed for sects to have their own religion, clerics and traditions regardless of country of residence

4.0 – This major upgrade introduced mass conversion and worship through an image to God that transcended nations

5.0 – This major upgrade created the direct connection between the light of God and all people, and set common rules for every society

6.0 – Major upgrade that allowed strict interpretations of the laws of God and nature flexibility to accept discovery, fine arts and enlightenment

7.0 – Introducing Religion 7.0 – holistic, new age, pagan: this new version does away with restrictive thinking entirely

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