How many people will die making our clothing?

Since so many people die making our clothes, once again time to remind everyone to buy clothes, shoes and accessories only from countries with good workplace safety laws (and enforcement). Which countries are those? Basically the closer to you the items were made and their components sourced, the better. AND the more “first world” (modernized) the country is, the better. AND the better the social welfare is in that country, the better. You will no longer support the “race to the bottom.”

The “race to the bottom” is the race to see which country has the youngest, cheapest, most plentiful laborers, with great skill sets, the cheapest materials of high quality obtained in any way and from anywhere, with the least red tape and taxes, the least regulations, resulting in the lowest cost from development to market.

You don’t have to support that. You have choices as a consumer. The trouble is — stuff that gets made cheaply is everywhere! It’s in the dollar store. It’s in Saks 5th Avenue. It’s at Walmart, the grocery mart, the 7-11. An item made for almost free leaves room in the budget for better promotion and wider distribution. Those are the most advertised, most discounted, most conveniently shipped by truck to to a shelf at the suburban mall near you items. At no cost to you these items arrive! The poor people far away who made the item paid for it with their lives.

Shop the locally-owned stores, order by mail directly from the manufacturer. Be patriotic – search “Made in [home country].” Widen your search to the next best places. Look next at 3rd world countries that have good social welfare, like Costa Rica and Oman. But avoid countries with poor working conditions, very low wages AND A POOR HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD.

Know where the items came from before you buy.

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