Chávez Ravine – A Los Angeles Story

The Dodgers were not the first team to play and win baseball games in Chávez Ravine. The first champions were the poor kids who would beat the pants off the rich kids from the west. These rich kids, they would come into Chávez Ravine in brand new uniforms, and here they matched talents with players in hand-me-down clothing. The first tragedy in Chávez Ravine was the coming of new Great Society social programs, the next phase of the New Deal. The next tragedy was the arrival of the Red Scare.

Dave’s online Film Festival (DoFf!) presents
“Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story”
2003-Documentary. Los Angeles, USA, 30 minutes, Bullfrog Films, written by Mark Moran, narrated by Cheech Marin, music by Ry Cooder, feat. Don Normark’s HAUNTING photography.

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