Benghazi Update!

This what I can figure out so far.Image

1. Benghazi facility attacked
2. Election three weeks away
3. Opposition party wants to claim a “terrorist attack” had happened on President Obama and Secretary Clinton’s watch, and in a place President Obama helped liberate from an Arab dictator, an action taken despite howls of objection from those on the far right and far left. If the President and Secretary were to admit outright a “terrorist attack” had taken place, they would have politically survived that.
4. President Obama tasks Susan Rice, ambassador to the UN, to push CIA talking points that had “massaged away” talk of terrorism, preferring the term “Extremists.” The Libyans were happy with that – because they did not want to be characterized as “terrorists.” Per diplomatic protocol, the host country is normally assuaged in such situations
5. The Defense Secretary says the correct assessment was that it was a “terrorist attack” as far as he was concerned.
6. The military refused requests to help the State Department during the attack, demanding to be left out of that FUBAR mess. As far as they were concerned, the State Department was overstretched and under-resourced. The military was also adverse to having resources that belonged to their own protection peeled off and reassigned to defending State Department facilities when the State Department had no funds to properly secure adequate protection.
7. The best I can figure out about the Benghazi attack hearings is the talking points mess has been explained as undoable revisions, and the President and Secretary Clinton felt safer having Ambassador Rice mouthing them, because they could not stand behind it.
8. Republicans are pushing in the other direction, to have the President and Secretary take the fall for the talking points, except with an upgrade to “cover-up.” This deflects from their own responsibility in the mess when they voted to defund the Department of State’s security detail.
9. The political motive to defund the Obama Administration’s State Department’s security was to “make him fail.”
10. This could be a high crime, and the Republicans could be culpable for treason, if not a hate crime, but that crime would rest technically with all of the American people for electing a bunch of racists.
11. The military may also be culpable for treason for not being willing to share resources to protect American lives after Republican funding cut.
12. The President and Secretary may be culpable for treason for tasking the diplomatic mission without enough protection.

Update – I left some things out.
(a) The “massaged” talking points were highly inaccurate about demonstrators agitated by the fake American movie “Innocence of the Muslims” being present at Benghazi the night of the attacks.
(b) The attack happened on 9/11, which probably means it was an al Qaida attack.

Update – an explanation that is sympathetic to President Obama’s position as President:
The narrative was massaged so as not to set off a powderkeg in Libya -. Due to the Muslim Brotherhood’s relentless promotion of the fake American movie “Innocence of the Muslims,” the situation was raw. Once again, with Republicans trying to force a mistake that would have cost lives, the President went with trying to calm the situation down.

The explanation that does not favor the President, and portrays him as protecting his election chances…
It was also in his interest to calm things down at home because of the upcoming election.

You know, when you beat this horse enough, you find yourself going full circle: The deaths at Benghazi were the result of mistakes and/or risks taken. It began with a mission into Libya to help a rebellion overthrow Qaddafi. Like “mission accomplished,” simply the success of the overthrow was not the end of the mission, or the dangers associated with it.

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