USA Beats Foreign Competition In Category Dominated by Japan and Germany, Cars!

May, 2013. Palo Alto, California, USA. Make a note of the time and place. Beating Japan and Germany at making the best car ever, our own Silicon Valley’s Tesla Motors.
Consumer Reports has awarded the 2013 Tesla Model S all-electric sports car the highest rating it has ever given, tying the 2009 Lexus LX460 but without the “recommended buy” checkmark, because first the car must gain a proven track record. When it comes to judging perfection, Consumer Reports is the best in the business. They will not test free cars – they buy their cars.
The car in question is all-electric that takes you at least 180 miles of distance per charge on a cold day, 200 on a warm day (EPA-rated range is 260 miles). Tesla, which posted its first profit recently, attests this pricey car, because of the efficiencies of its all-electric technology, has remarkably low True Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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