Happy 400 ppm day!

Happy 400 ppm day! Earth has reached 400 ppm CO2 content in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuel and not-so-fossil fuel (you know, deforestation, factory fires). The last time 400 ppm CO2 happened was the middle Miocene, 10 million years ago. We’ve been waiting for this day for 10 million years! And just think, you were alive to see it happen. What a remarkable modern human achievement. 

Now, don’t fret, because, we will briefly slip under 400ppm as Northern Hemisphere vegetation comes back to life after the long winter and uses up some CO2. But it will be seen again within the next three years, guaranteed, and never be fallen below again perhaps for centuries! Now, load up that SUV, burn down your house, call the fire department, and  go get yourself something to eat that had to kept warm all day topping something that had to kept cold all day. That’s right, celebrate with a hot fudge sundae!

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