Guns in the Home, Healthcare

Lucky boy, 7, escapes being shot dead by brother, 5.–206535201.html

Just days earlier: Mother tries to treat teen son’s gunshot wound to the head using WebMD.

Guns in the home? Lock them down, or get rid of them. Please.
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  1. Calling someone a troll because they don’t agree with you and express their opinion is not civil, and operates contrary to any form of good conduct. You are nothing but a racist, with no respect for other cultures. I just thought I would say this here, seeing as how you block anyone who tries to express their opinion on your Flickr account. Nothing I said was a “troll”, I was being truthful and honest. It’s a shame you couldn’t do the same to me, you typical American racist.

  2. What tripped off my troll alert was I couldn’t tell who you were on Flickr, so I felt the situation was unequal and unfair that you could see so much of what I am and I could see nothing of you.


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