Laws that actually control guns are obnoxious as hell

Acts of terror are rare, so pressure cookers need not be regulated except for maybe being good at cooking food. Acts of gun violence in the United States are commonplace, and that is largely due to problem guns and lax gun laws. Guns are what I would control, not pressure cookers. Controlling guns is Constitutional – there is nothing illegal about making sure the gun supply is functioning as intended, not allowed to go egregiously out of control.
Safety is obnoxious
Laws that actually control guns are obnoxious to the law abiding and the law breaking. It’s equal opportunity. But the way to make sure the obnoxiousness is not misapplied, the degree of obnoxiousness should differ depending on the type and configuration of the firearm, the type of gun depending on its popularity and/or usefulness for criminal use.
Problem guns
Handguns are used for most assaults, the cheaper and faster ones being the most used handguns in crime, so first off certain configs should be banned outright, and that leaves the majority of handguns still legal to drool over and take for a spin at the shooting range. However, because of the handgun’s propensity to be used illegally, the most obnoxious processes and rigamarole should be imposed on them and their owners to acquire and to keep around. Mandatory gun safety classes, a lengthy background check, spousal permission, registration, license and test, written testimonials about the character of the applicant for a license from 5 non-related people, and absolutely no permission to share, trade, sell or lose – if lost or stolen must be reported immediately.
Non-problematic guns, slightly problematic guns
By contrast, a traditional sporting or hunting rifle, for example, should require only the cash amount on the price tag to acquire, simply because crazy people aren’t interested in them. Nor are robbers. Just buy one as though it were a car battery, a banana, a Psy album. If I’m wrong about this, shoot me. Some hunting rifles are of a more powerful category and should not be sold to just anyone – those should require a background check to buy, maybe even a gun license too. There are many kinds of license – a license that certifies the item as authentically legal, a license that certifies the transfer from seller to purchaser, a license that certifies a person can purchase an item, can operate an item, can carry an item. Again, the amount of licenses required can range from one to many, depending on how obnoxious the law ought to be.
Assault rifles
There was an assault weapons ban at one time. It resulted in a significant drop in gun crime as the ban included many models of handguns with assault features. But this paragraph is about those assault RIFLES, those menacing Bushmasters and AKs so popular for mall and school massacres. Acquiring them must require a strong background check, safety lessons and a license to own and operate. But their usefulness as a criminal weapon depends on the ability to take it into a public place equipped with large capacity clips, drums or strips.
Clips, drums or strips
If clips, drums and strips of ten rounds and up are not banned, then every model of firearm designed to take one will have to be. Without a bullet capacity limit, killing capacity is too easy to acquire or configure. This is a highly obnoxious and necessary gun law.
Illegal guns
When the gun controlling laws are obnoxious, the supply of illegal guns is cut dramatically because obnoxious laws are inconvenient to the criminal and law abiding alike. A police seizure of illegal guns in any locality would actually have impact as resupply isn’t as simple anymore. This will make illegal gun sellers easier to find as well. In an atmosphere where the law has the upper hand, criminals stick out like sore thumbs. Some people may prefer that getting a gun have that famous American freedom and convenience, like in the old days. That preference is why America sees the level of illegal gun violence it does today.
Tough gun laws make all the difference
I’ve heard it mentioned often, it’s not really the availability that causes the gun violence, it’s America’s violent culture. America’s violent culture is the reason even with really obnoxious gun laws, this line of argument asserts, gun crime rates will never be as low as Canada’s and the effort to solve gun crime with gun control is wrongheaded. But, wait a minute here. Canada INDEED does have very obnoxious gun laws – and the obnoxiousness is targeted at problem guns. In fact the obnoxious handgun laws I described above are based on Canada’s handgun laws! Canada has lower gun crime rates and also the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. Canada may not be the USA, but it seems like a comparable enough society to use as an indication of what strong gun laws accomplish. Tough gun laws encourage law abiding gun ownership, while at the same time solving the rampant gun crime problem.
2nd Amendment not necessary – guns will always be part of America
The places gun ownership is commonplace might surprise. Germany, France, Denmark. Some countries have gun bans, such as England and Japan. But most of the world is full of guns. In India, you don’t dare travel the rural roads without one, preferably in the hands of a traveling companion trained by the Indian Army.

Acts of terror are rare, so pressure cookers need not be banned. Acts of gun violence in the United States are commonplace. Tougher gun laws are Constitutional. And gun control actually encourages gun ownership to go up among the law-abiding. A well regulated gun owning community is more inviting to join.

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