Baseball: ROB, RISP, RBI, LOB and Prospect

I avidly follow the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Tonight they played the Pittsburgh Pirates in what was the 5th game of the season. This was a game without errors or home runs, so there were no giveaways. Scoring had to be done the old fashioned way – you had to get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em home.
When you get ’em on, that’s a ROB, a runner on base.
The many ways of getting on is to walk, bunt, single, or get hit by a pitch.
There’s also that weird thing where the batter is struck out but becomes a runner anyway because first base is open (has no runner on it) and there’s two outs.
When you get ’em over, that’s a RISP, a runner in scoring position. A player that safely reaches second or third base is said to be in scoring position because almost any hit will be enough to get the runner home.
When you get ’em home, that’s a run, and in any game played well, that’s going to be a run that was batted in, not walked in or allowed in by poor defense. An RBI, a run batted in.
When you don’t get ’em home, that a LOB, a runner left on base.
The Dodgers tonight left 10 players on base. They got ’em on. They got ’em over. And only once tonight, out of all those chances, did they get ’em home. It’s one thing if the opposing pitcher is too good and base runners are at a premium, but tonight base runners were available nearly by the dozen.
Failed RISP situation at-bats:
Mark Ellis (1 time), Matt Kemp (3 times), Alex Gonzalez (1 time), AJ Ellis (1 time), Luis Cruz (3 times), Justin Sellers (2 times), André Ethier (1 time).
AJ Ellis hit a single to the opposite field and the speedy, base-stealing Carl Crawford made it home for the only Dodger run.
Carl Crawford replaces Dee Gordon as the leadoff batter that has the job of getting on, stealing 2nd and being the run batted in.
Dee Gordon, My Favorite Dodger
Dee Gordon started with the Dodgers last season, was there to be a speedy shortstop that could stop any grounder then gun them out at first, get on base, steal 2nd and turn minor flares into scoring runs. He was Mr. Highlight Reel for the first two weeks of the 2012 baseball season. But soon he went into a hitter’s slump and his batting average plummeted below .200 by July, so he was rarely getting on base to put on his show. And believe me, fans were filling up the stands to see the Dee Gordon show, until the Dee Gordon show stopped happening. Next, when taken out of the starting lineup and introduced into games as a pinch runner, he was getting caught stealing or picked off. Then even worse, once in the game, every ball hit to him was getting converted into an error.
But early last season fans were loving the Dee Gordon show, started nicknaming him Slim Swag, so Manager Don Mattingly upped his assignment – he would now be given the rare privilege to also steal 3rd. As I recall, he never did – he couldn’t get his timing right. After two weeks, the eager-to-please Gordon’s body was getting tired of the grind and he slowed down noticeably, even lost his knack for putting the ball in play. Suspecting burnout, Don Mattingly gave him a day off once a week to recover, but the super-speedy Dee struggled more until he was begrudgingly sent back to the minors.
To start the 2013 season, Dee Gordon is playing for the Albuquerque Isotopes, the Triple-A affiliate in the Dodger’s farm system. On Wednesday, he got 4 hits, including a double, struck out once and stole 1 base.
Dee Gordon’s nevertheless been in the news since being sent back, as the Dodgers are not keen on releasing him. Dee is still one heck of a prospect destined to be a Dodger great.
Other teams are hammering the Dodgers front office with offers for Dee Gordon, I hear. Perhaps they are certain they know what Dee needs to succeed.
But I hope Dee continues to have outstanding outings playing for the Isotopes and returns triumphantly back to the Dodgers. Meanwhile, his replacement on offense, Carl Crawford, has reliably gotten on base and over to second on steals nearly every at-bat he has faced, even in well-pitched games. That spot is filled. But his replacement on defense, Justin Sellers, is looking shaky at shortstop, but played an improved game tonight.
In speaking of tonight, tonight, the Dodgers acquired a new backup catcher…

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