Apple vs. Samsung

My favorite tech company is Apple, but they’ve been beat to an innovation. You don’t have to touch the new Galaxy S4. How significant is that? Bigger than you think, if it works right.
Android has always had some advantages over Apple’s more restrictive phone. Android allows shopping around for providers, wireless routing and that thing where you can reroute numbers you dial through an internet-based voice service thing that I heard about once.
BUT what Apple does right needs some recognition. Look, feel and quality means Apple products will continue to be a wise choice. Solidness and performance is priceless. And they’ve had the head start – as a result, everything on Apple products tend to be more refined and tested. Their restrictiveness has benefits, too – less chance of non-compliant software messing things up.
I’ve seen everything side by side – Mac/i OS vs. Windows/Android – everything looks better in Apple’s OS, from fonts to simple things like layout, to the control panel itself. The latest iMacs are phenomenally well-designed. And as for iOS, I’m truly amazed at how well everything works within it. I surfed my own web site on an iPad and was wowed by how it displayed.
Apple’s competitors can be make fun of Apple for everything, but quality never goes out of style.
But seriously, Apple can’t afford to be a stick in the mud – they need to come out of the courtroom and compete. I’m concerned by how much they’ve slowed down.

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