It’s U.S. Against The World!

Carmel, Indiana, is a suburb of Indianapolis. It has a population 80,000, is 85% White, 3% Black, the rest other. It boasts 8 traffic roundabouts to reduce idling in traffic and a freeway awarded the Engineering Excellence Award from an American engineering society. It is most notably home to 40 corporate HQ’s. The suburb also won the Arbor Day Society’s Golden Leaf Award for planting lots and lots of trees. They earned a Bronze Award for being America’s third most bicycle friendly city. The median income is $120,000. And now, Carmel, indiana, is the 2013 CNN/Money Best Place to Live in the USA.

That’s all it takes to be the most awesome place to live in the USA? This country is in a rut.

Vienna, Austria, is 91% Austrian, 2% Turk, 7% various Balkans. It is there where you can eat a real Wienerschnitzel, which makes sense since you’re among Wieners (citizens of Vienna). Kindergarten starts at age 3, but is optional. Nine grades are compulsory. Vienna went from majority peasant class city to majority middle class city since World War II, a desperate event in its history. Today, Vienna is a world class city, boasting sports, cuisine, beer, coffee, arts, theatre, music, science, medicine, architecture, museums, higher learning, a lot of history, plus the Danube River, parks and palaces. It is served by extensive public transportation and high speed rail (RailJet™). In 2012, Vienna stole the title world’s best city to live from Vancouver, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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