The Barrybondsfish™

Get ready for a new GMO* salmon, grown on fish farms, the Barrybondsfish™ if you will, to be the new form of salmon on your table soon. This salmon was engineered to release growth hormone into its bloodstream on full blast non-stop, producing a fish that normally takes four years to mature that is fully grown in a few months. Of course because the hormone never shuts off, this nasty fake fish can be grown to any size, to maximizing production. The Barrybondsfish™ will simply be sold as “salmon.” Once unleashed, whenever you get salmon, it will be this one, unless you go to extraordinary steps to insure you are eating real salmon. The gene that does this, by the way, was found in some sort of eel, which itself may have been GE*.
I don’t know what havoc this self-juicing salmon could wreak on the wild, if it requires a special diet to live or what, but I’m sure it can mate with wild salmon, and that would be a disaster for this much-beleaguered fish.
In the wild, Salmon eggs hatch in fresh water and swim to the ocean to feed for 3 years until they have built up a reserve of nutrient-rich fats. They swim back up the same fresh water stream in which they were born and spawn, expending all their fat reserves in the grueling upstream journey. Then then die after laying and fertilizing their eggs. Mature salmon caught at sea will be rich in nutrients and oils, their meat bright red-orange. This is the fresh salmon you’ll see at Seattle’s Pike Place Market – the kind you want to eat because the quality of natural at its peak in its life cycle cannot be beat. Spawned salmon meat will be pale and white, but full of remaining nutrients in their bodies that feed local insects and animals, and through these animals are transported into the forests, and in this way salmon have fed the mountain forests with nutrients for eons.
Forest stands in Idaho’s Clearwater Mountains were fed by these “swimming bags of fertilizer” that deposited themselves at the foot of remote mountainsides. Man made dams and reservoirs have interrupted that ancient source of nutrition in the wild, as well as decimating salmon populations. Today, Salmon is a luxury, and that’s the motive for developing factory farmed salmon.
The Barrybondsfish™ is the newest product of the factory agriculture industry. It will offer the diet a new, cheaper plentiful “salmon,” with assuredly less complex nutritious content. It is not known yet how altering genetic code may affect humans who eat it. Final approval is pending at the FDA at this time. Public comments may be closed but if not, you can comment for or against the GMO salmon here, for organization name, put “citizen” :!submitComment;D=FDA-2011-N-0899-0001 . When approved, it will appear in cans, in restaurants, everywhere profits need to be maximized by a cheaper fish that appears to be the same as normal salmon. If you think you can simply demand wild salmon, that’s not so simple. You will need to be an expert to tell the difference. The temptation to sell GE salmon at a real salmon price will be tremendous. And an outstanding price most assuredly means a GMO fish.

*GMO=Genetically Modified Organism
*GE=Genetically Engineered
™ Barry Bonds is the current Major League Baseball home run king. He is accused of taking growth hormone to maximize his production of home runs.


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