Openness about drones

We have not closed Guantánamo, but we not added 1 new prisoner to Guantánamo since President Obama took office. The solution was to stop taking prisoners. Oldest trick in the book of warfare, disguised as high tech warfare. Drones don’t take prisoners. Each warrior drone is piloted remotely by a real human, but recon drones can just fly on auto and do recon. They can do that and then be accessed for a live remote attack. These are a very versatile concept. Refueling? They can run on solar power and batteries.
Small, nimble, few in number as of now. But soon to multiply. A Pandora’s box has been opened. We’ve crossed the Rubicon on this one. The Genie’s out of the bottle. The cat’s been let out of the bag. We try to protest Guantánamo, and the result is the taking of no prisoners. Human rights can’t win.
President Obama has ordered the U.S. government to come clean and share the details about this new war with the American people, so it can’t be said they never knew. The question now is, are the people expected to tacitly approve or demand an end to drone warfare? Will such sides ever form. As of now 97% of Republicans and 77% of Democrats approve of drone warfare.

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