My gun control solution: the more misused the type of gun, the more restrictive should be its use.

I hope when the gun control battle smoke settles, only the guns that cause the most trouble will be the most regulated, if at all.

Hunting rifles and pump action shotguns cause the least trouble in society. I would advocate not even a background check for acquiring pump action or double-barrel shotguns or hunting rifles.

The horror of mass shootings usually requires high-capacity clips, drums and strips. I find the clip size restriction idea quite appealing, but would very much like there to be no clip size limits at shooting ranges. The large size clips (11 rounds or greater) simply cannot leave shooting range property, and may be available to law enforcement as well.

While I have sympathy for the assault weapons ban, it really isn’t necessary. Granted a rigorous background and qualification test be met to be allowed to own one, a clip size limit retards their appeal for use in mass murder by unstable individuals who might be able to find one.

All background checks, if required, should be universal. No type of transaction should be exempt. Background checks should range from a low level of scrutiny to a high level of scrutiny depending on the amount of crimes that happen using that particular gun model.

Handguns stand alone as causing the most problems. They need to be very doggedly regulated, some models banned (such as “Saturday Night Specials”). But as a class of weapon in general they should not be kept from all those who can pass their background checks.

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