Hoppy Poppy IPA

This trippy craft IPA (a class of ales which got its name from the old British Empire days – these ales were brewed extra strong to arrive, flavor still intact, in India – hence “India Pale Ale,” or IPA) I have here tastes wild and natural, like fresh buds! What’s in it? California Golden Poppy Seeds! That’s right – the California Golden Poppy is a non-toxic wildflower, so no harm comes from eating any part of the plant. Figueroa Mtn. Brewing Co., established 2010, of Santa Ynez Valley is responsible for this rather vibrant and California native brew! Southern California has become quite the hotspot for inventive microbreweries. This brew is totally alive – a beautiful concoction to enjoy on a windy, rainy, super-stormy December night like tonight!

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