Even Wimpy Gun Control Works

The Stockton Schoolyard Massacre of 1989 in California that led to California’s Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 took place out in the playground of the school and the gunman stood on a public sidewalk.
So much for posting armed guards, arming teachers and locking down schools to prevent such an attack again.
Today, California is the 8th least gun violent state in the USA (per capita) – which isn’t saying much because the USA far outpaces the rest of the G-16 nations for gun murder rates, outpacing the nearest competitor in that department by at least 250% – but says a lot about what even wimpy gun control can do.
California has very large cities and some of the most notorious street gangs in the history of American gangs. How it managed to compete with the likes of Utah and Hawaii for lowest gun assault rates is phenomenal given it was once the home state of the infamous Color Wars.
Listen to Ice-T’s “Colors” to learn about the Color Wars.

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