The Reagan Era Was Founded with Name-Calling and Labeling

Ann Coulter is one of those people who used to terrorize people trying to get through school by identifying them by a denigrative label that could ruin life on campus for the victims – and parlayed that schoolyard talent into a chat career after the Reagan Revolution, a time when labels were cool again. It kicked down the weak, elevated the fit. For a new, strong America.
Started out innocuously enough. A speech full of lies about the Panama Canal being given away by apologists, how Americans went down there and built it all by themselves and that section of Panama is American and how turning it over would jeopardize shipping. A speech about the Welfare Mothers. Name calling the poor was back in style. Chic, even.
It ended an era of remarkable reform for civil rights and stopped the establishment of any additional safety nets.
Remember back during Ford, when both sides of Congress overrode the president’s veto of the War Powers Act? Those were the days. President Ford was getting the US back into Vietnam as that crappy South Vietnam gov’t was going to fall, but he would not be getting away with it. YES, the Vietnam War almost got restarted in 1974.
Remarkable cooperation made the whole U.S. political landscape kinder, gentler.
After Reagan’s rise, when labeling was “okay” again on the right, hearing people called this that or the other drove away all but those who were comfortable with it. With that, a divided America began to form. Reagan’s policies made it even worse after he became President. There’s no more fairness doctrine – now whole channels can go one way politically, develop a unique audience, rather than subjecting audiences to both (or more) sides on all channels. That helped divide America up into rigid sides.
Now with rigid sides formed, you can’t share ideas and arguments. You can’t form 2/3 majorities – not easily anyway. You got “fiscal cliffs” and can’t come together for the common good.

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